05 August 2009

A Few Steps

Yesterday Alisa finally took a few hesitant steps without support. She's been having troubles going to sleep lately and so stayed up much later than Leia in the last few days. As such, she was able to practice her standing and walking without getting tackled by her sister. This all lead to more courage and trying to walk unsupported, at least two steps between Hirono on the couch and the kotatsu.

In the meantime, Leia runs down the sidewalk and I have to move quickly to keep her out of the road.

Lastly, I had an argument the other day over at an acquaintance blog. The argument was about outsourcing and, clearly, I started the argument with my poor wording about having very little reason to invest in the USA when hiring. However, the argument still stuck under my craw. I think the reason is that folks in the US for some reason feel they are entitled to a good paying job more than people in India or China. Given that I have some very dear friends in India, I took this sense of entitlement as an insult to the worth of my Indian colleagues. I'm sad that so many people are out of work because of outsourced jobs; but, really, why do people think they are more entitled to a job than someone in India or China? What gives?


Toast said...

Simple: We care more about people who are close to us -- part of our community, similar to us culturally -- than we do about unknown others half a world away. Would I rather give a job to an out-of-work developer down the street than an Indian consultant working overseas? You bet I would.

Eric Wilde said...

Consulting vs. non-consulting isn't the issue. They are comparable jobs in every respect except their location.

Taking a hedonic calculus perspective, providing the job in India produces more positive effects due to the influx of cash to that extremely poor society.

We care more about people who are close to us

Carol Gilligan.

Toast said...

Yup. Ms. Gilligan was not wrong.