31 July 2009

More English

Alisa's first words were primarily in Japanese. She's picking up more English now. She may be getting some Farsi and Spanish at daycare; but, I wouldn't recognize the word.

This morning she learned the word belly.

Our sleeping arrangement is Japanese style, meaning we sleep on a thin futon stretched out on the floor. Usually Leia sleeps on the outside by Hirono and Alisa sleeps on the outside next to me. This morning they both woke up at the same time. When they each sat up in bed they saw each other over the top of Hirono and me. They both squealed when they noticed each other. They are known to lay back down and go back to sleep if they see Hirono and I are still sleeping; so we just lay there pretending.

Leia is much more mobile. She climbed over Hirono and sat such that each girl was facing my torso. Alisa, still with pacifier and stuffed bunny, lifted my shirt and pointed to my belly button.


I told her it was my belly button, five or six times slowly. Finally she started to repeat after me. Eventually she got out a clear "belly".

After a little cheer and a chant of "dada" she settled down again; but, was still pointing at my belly button. Leia sat up and pointed at my belly button, "Dat." I told her it was my belly button a few times and she just made an inquisitive "eh?". Then she leaned forward and carefully pulled the hair around my belly button. So much for sleeping in.

And that's how Alisa learned the word "belly".