22 August 2009

Another Onion Layer


The girls continue developing their personalities. I can see a new layer of abstract thinking in them. They predict events and talk about those events before they arrive. For example, we go for walks to downtown Campbell six days a week. Its the only exercise Hirono and I can get. The girls are hit & miss on whether they enjoy the jaunt or not; but, one thing they always look forward to is the dogs and cats we pass.

Whenever we get ready for a walk, Alisa chants "Wan Wan. Nyan Nyan. Wan Wan. Nyan Nyan." Those are Japanese child words for dog and cat, respectively. She quiets down quickly if we can get a bowl of Cheerios or sippy cup in her hand. As we approach any house along the walk that has a dog or cat, she calls out to the dog or cat using the right word based on what pets live at that house. Once she spots the pet she shouts out triumphantly, "Wan Wan!" or "Nyan Nyan!". Leia watches intently and occasionally throws in a side comment. When we leave they say "Bye bye!", wave their hands and watch for the next house that has a pet.

The girls also enjoy the Galleria Courtyard in downtown Campbell. Its about four blocks from home and has a bunch of art galleries, nick-nack shops and a clothing boutique or two. The girls love to wander the little courtyard and look into the shops. They were fascinated by the pedicurist. A couple of weeks ago a local blues band was playing on the grass (and were pretty good.) This last Friday all the art galleries filled the courtyard with displays (along with a bunch more artists and musicians scattered up and down the street.)

P1000676Transfixed by a pedicure.

Tomorrow we'll go to the weekly farmer's market and let the girls run around the courtyard again.



Tracy said...

That was a large part of the allure of parenthood for me was watching a little baby develop into an aware, thinking human being. Fascinating. I'm glad you're enjoying and appreciating it so much.

Hirono looks great!

Eric Wilde said...

Hirono says "Thanks!" I agree with you, she's awesome.