08 August 2009

Life Just Got Harder

We went grocery shopping today, as we always do early every Saturday morning. Usually we grab two shopping carts and split the girls as well as the shopping. Today we brought pairs of shoes instead and tried shopping with just one cart. The girls loved it!

Once inside the store Leia threw both arms back behind her, bowed her head forward and ran headlong down the isles. Alisa was more interested in candy bars and the like. Going shopping as a family was a bad idea.

By the time we got home all four of us were beat. Luckily the girls were tired from all the uproar and went to sleep pretty well. Then after lunch we met a close friend who's wife is now pregnant at a cafe. After their earlier taste of freedom, both Leia and Alisa would stand for nothing else than getting on their shoes and roaming the cafe. So much for even pretending to hold a conversation with friends. It was a ton of fun; but, exhausting. I got a cardamom milk shake out of it.

Tonight Alisa made another step in her progress toward walking. She is almost comfortably standing without holding onto anything. This week I'm sure she'll be walking regularly.

The Toddler Chase has begun.

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