30 April 2008

A Doctor Making a Difference

Speaking of doctors, I went to get my pain medication subscription renewed today. What a great doctor. She's professional and does her job as she thinks it should be done; and, she has the best bedside manner I've ever met. She puts you so at ease and then starts asking insightful questions about overuse. Its not until she's convinced that your are not abusing the drug that she renews. This was the second time I went and each time she denies 2 in 3 applicants because they are just abusing the drug to the detriment of their own lives. Very cool.


25 April 2008

It's Getting Real

Today we had the baby shower for the girls. It was quite the bash, even though no liquor was served in consideration of Hirono. 89 folks got together for giving gifts, so our haul was pretty good.

Now I’m starting to get nervous. These girls could come out at any time.

The nursery is ready. We've got all our gear. Its really just a matter of cleaning things up a bit and finishing the kitchen remodeling. Man, I hope they wait three weeks before they come out so that we can finish the kitchen before they arrive.

16 April 2008

Gayest Look

I never thought Leno was funny; but, hey, I'll jump on the bandwagon. Here's my unwashed, unshaven, body odor ridden, bear-est look for Jay.

Meme shout out goes to Shakes.

Look Ma, no more southern accent.

15 April 2008

Reading Momo Tarou Again

Tonight I read Japanese to the girls for the first time. It was Momo Tarou, a children's classic adventure fairy tale. They responded about the same as they do in English.

Its been a few years since I've even bothered to try to read Japanese, so it was rough going even though it was a children's book. Every word came out as a separate entity rather than smooth, natural speech. Ah well. At least we could get through it all in one sitting.

Overall I prefer to read to the girls in English. At this point in their unborn lives, it doesn't really matter anyway since they can't understand a word I say in any language.

11 April 2008

Bad News Comes in Threes

Well, its not all bad news. The doctor says I'm good to go. Apparently all the tests showed that I had sudden dehydration. We're not sure what caused it; but, combined with the work stress (and a bit o' cookie :^) my blood pressure dropped and I passed out. Everything else checks out OK.

However, the shower tiles are on back order until 15 May. So it looks like we won't finish the bathroom before the girls are born. I just hope the cabinets actually come next week so that we can finish the kitchen before the girls are born. With no kitchen and down a bathroom and parents staying in the guest room its no wonder I've been stressed out.

The worst news, however, is that we need to get another car. We went to go buy the infant seats this morning and found out that they don't fit in our car. Infant seats by law must face rearward, which consumes a lot of space in the car. With a singleton you can just get one infant seat and set it in the middle of the back seat. Bucket seats up front make the single infant seat fit just fine even in a small car. But with two infant seats we have to put one right behind the driver's seat. In our little VW Golf I just can't fit into the driver's seat with an infant seat behind it. So, its off to car shopping world - a place I was hoping to avoid for the rest of my life.

Now, I hate cars and driving. If it were possible I would never get into a car again. But, this is America and there is no surviving without a car - at least with the girls coming. Our first stop was Green Rides just down the street from home. Unfortunately, nothing they provide is big enough for the infant seats either. So now we have to do our homework online tonight and go out shopping tomorrow. I'm definitely shooting for something electric. It would be great if we could just lease a bigger car for a year until we can move to the forward facing child seats, which would fit in our VW Golf. If that's not possible then we'll just have to get something big enough (and electric enough, dammit!) to fit our needs.

Stess 2 Me 0

As much as I hate baseball, the analogy fits. I’ve got two strikes batting against stress at work. First there was the thrown back last month. Then last night I feinted twice at dinner. An ambulance ride to the hospital and a night in the emergency room has me a bit shaken up right now. My heart is strong, my blood pressure back to normal (it was low) and a couple of hours sleep has me feeling much better. The lightheadedness is gone and I’ve had a couple of meals without feinting.

Weird shit. Very scary.

Time to take a break from work. Today and Monday are forced vacations by my doctor. I think maybe I’ll have to do something more drastic and cut out either my night time or morning time meetings. Cut back in general at work. This sucks because I love my job. Crap.

Well, now is as good a time as any to cut back at work. I’ve got the girls to take care of soon.