21 September 2012

Not Quite What You Want to Hear

We're in Japan right now. In Japan the bath is sorta a family event, with kids often soaking in the deep tub along with a parent.

Today while bathing, Leia asked a question I never really wanted to hear:

Daddy, why do you have such a big bottom?

14 September 2012

A Little Insult

The reaction in the Muslim world against an amateur video insulting their prophet really makes me want to insult their prophet. What a bunch of jerks.

Why are fundamental religious people so violent and brainless? My guess is it has to do with blindly following authority. I'm sure the hopelessness of poverty doesn't help, nor the lack of education; but, there are plenty of educated, middle class and wealthy fundamentalist Christians here in the US who brainlessly want to carpet bomb the Middle East. So there is definitely more to it than simply poverty and no education.

Rather than insulting Islam, I'll insult all religions. Faith leads to unquestioning acceptance of religious authority. Unquestioning acceptance of authority leads to immorality and violence. Therefore...