16 August 2009

Little Helper

Alisa and Leia have found out that its fun to help Mom and Dad get things done around the house. We have a video of them cleaning the couch with Hirono. They also often try to help by pushing the stroller or shopping cart for us. Its usually a lot harder for us when they do help; but, you can't crush that earnest, helpful spirit in them. So we go along and encourage them to help whenever we can.

Leia has really taken helping us to heart and occasionally actually does things that really helps us. For example, today while I was changing Alisa I found a refrigerator magnet in the diaper supply (I can only guess how it got there.) So while Alisa squirmed around on the changing pad I handed the magnet to Leia and asked her to put it back on the refrigerator. She dutifully wandered over to the fridge and placed the magnet up as high as she could reach. Very nice!

Sometimes it doesn't quite work out so well, though. Yesterday I handed Leia a scrap of paper and asked her to put it in the recycling bin. She took the paper, ambled over to the bin, opened the cover and proceeded to empty everything else out of the recycling bin.

Update: Here's the video.

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