21 December 2011

No, Its Not Racist

Claims of racism on the ban of muslim calls to worship are possibly ill founded. The loudspeakers for these calls carry through the very early morning air and wake up lots of folks who are trying to sleep. They're annoying, particularly because its for some damned religion that contributes nothing but misery to the world.

And I feel the same way about other religions. Shut the f' up!

15 December 2011

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Our gaming group hasn't met for about three months now. Its been a long series of late work nights, business travel and catching up at home. Now the holidays. Luckily, my sidetrack adventures in Flash and Javascript have given me enough gaming junk to keep away serious withdrawal systems (for those who don't know, I'm dabbling in RPG tools writing.)

Another big injection of gaming comes from surfing the internet. This site is a goldmine, particularly today's photos. If you're a gamer interested in dungeon delving, you simply must follow this tumblr site.