28 October 2007


Now for something fun. We're trying to come up with good names for the upcoming twins. We had previously picked out one girls name and one boys name; but, with twins it looks like we'll have to think a bit more about extra names for each gender. The names already settled upon are accessible for both English and Japanese speakers. Note: I now pronounce my last name "wild", like Oscar Wilde.

Lin Taro Wilde (male)
Leah Wilde (female, no middle name)

For the Japanese equivalent the family name would change to Hirono's family name, Mogi. Kana versions of the names would be:

mogi rintarou
mogi reia

Additional names are a bit hard. Got any fun names or names that would work in both Japanese and English. Names nobody in their right mind would be fun, too; such as "Saxon Wilde", the future hair metal guitarist.

25 October 2007

Core Engineering Management Responsibiities

I think I found two core responsibilities of management at Adobe:

(1) You always stay on top of things and try to push them forward to the best of your ability.
(2) You build your company assets with care. Company assets for software are really the people that work here. That explicitly means you develop people in whatever capacity they do best.

That's for daily team leadership. There’s more around vision and risk taking, though I’ve not yet been able to distill that into a single sentence.

19 October 2007

Twins, here we come

Fantastic news today! We had another ultra sound and were able to see heartbeats for both embryos. We now have a 90%+ chance for each embryo to survive.

There’s still the worry of Down’s Syndrome, which is about 1/60 for each embryo. The test for Down’s Syndrome has a 1/300 chance for resulting in miscarriage, which is pretty scary. Living with two handicapped children the rest of our lives is out of the question, though. So we don’t have much of a choice.

Off to Michigan for the next few days to enjoy a bit of colorful foliage. Cheers!

15 October 2007

Ah... Whiskey

Its been a couple of months since the last time I had a drink. I broke the fast with Macallan 18, double, neat. No better way to go.


12 October 2007

Some Relief

Some good news. We have two embryos that survived thus far. We don't have to worry about being outnumbered by babies anymore. Now we need these two to survive.

One embryo already has a heartbeat, so its strong and growing faster than average. Since this embryo has a heartbeat, its chance of survival dramatically jumps higher right now.

The other embryo doesn't yet have a heartbeat. Heartbeats start on average on day 3 of week 6. We're currently on day 1 of week 6, so there is still a decent chance of survival for the second embryo.

Although we're not out of the woods yet, I'm definitely relieved.

11 October 2007

Anxiety climbs higher

So far the symptoms continue. Hirono is still a little sick and always tired. But she's more beautiful than I've ever seen her.

Tomorrow is the sonic scan to see how many embryos survived and are growing. Its clear there is at least one. I'll not be relieved until I hear from the sonic scan. Work and news take me away from the worry sometimes, not that work isn't without its worries.


06 October 2007

So Far So Good

We just finished week five of the pregnancy. So far so good. Hirono's totally wiped out but happier than I've ever seen her. There are a couple more weeks of high probability of miscarriage, then the odds start to move in our favor. We won't know how many embryos survived for a little while yet. Within the month we should start to hear heartbeats.

I'm starting to become very nervous.


03 October 2007

Something practicle to hope for for Congress


If Richardson decides to run for the Senate, I hope he doesn't bow out of the Presidency until every last Democratic candidate commits to withdrawal from Iraq. It has to be done.