14 August 2009


Long week. In some ways depressing; but, in other ways quite good. In the whole, productive.

I got home from the San Francisco office late tonight. It was at the right time for Hirono to pick up the girls from day care and meet me at the train station. We ended up walking through the civic center park across the street from the office. It was fun; but, Leia drove hard on her independence.

She refuses to hold our hand, though we can sometimes convince her to do so. Usually I just lock my fingers around her wrist like a bracelet. She's fast and can dart into traffic in a split second. You have to watch her every second. Still, she's a lot of fun at it all. She laughs and dances and sometimes tumbles to the ground. Her laugh is hearty, from the belly.

Today her game was to climb a three-step, stone stair up and down. She recently learned how to stand up and walk down stairs; but, its quite difficult to do. The trick was to have one foot come down at a time from the upper stair, not land on both feet. She learned that trick at the garden downtown this week. So she's been practicing it every chance she gets. At this point she's gotten to the stage where she can just hold one of my hands and only fall 1 out of ten stairs. Pretty soon she'll bound down faster than me.

Work is done until Sunday night. All hail Discordia!

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