25 February 2011

Royalty with Class

I like how the man stuck to a single talking point. Stop the killing in Libya.

19 February 2011

10 February 2011

Free Your Mind

And your ass will follow.

Power to the Egyptian people! I'm so pleased to see what looks like a fair treatment of the issue in the Associated Press and published in US popular media.

07 February 2011


The girls are now taking karate. Should I start to fear their temper tantrums?


02 February 2011

Trip to New Delhi

Here we go again, scheduling a trip to India. The following video really does a great job showing the different environments of New Delhi. As a business traveller, this is exactly the India I see every single trip - good, bad and ugly.

01 February 2011

Stuck with Cable

For those of you who listen only to US-based or UK-based news, you're missing a lot of the context and backstory for the uprisings in the Middle East right now. Al Jazeera provides much more comprehensive and interesting coverage of the events.

I've been reading them off-and-on since I started traveling to India frequently. They don't focus on India; but, they do provide an interesting and more informative alternative to Associated Press or BBC. They've really shined in the last month.