26 July 2011

My Life Is Complete

Tonight when I asked the girls what they wanted me to read them as a bedtime story I heard the best answer ever.

Leia said, "Bilbo!"

Alisa responded, "Yeah! I want to hear about the hobbit!"

19 July 2011

Little Photographer

P1020759 by ewilde1968
P1020759, a photo by ewilde1968 on Flickr.

Leia has taken to using the camera. She likes to snap pictures of people and is getting fairly good at it, when she has the patience to try....

Here's a snapshot she took Sunday at the Monterey Bay Acquarium. Not bad for someone who just turned three.

08 July 2011

Am I the only one?

I got a new personal laptop to play around with at home. Its a Dell XPS and it screams for writing Flash, though its not a fancy monitor or anything. It runs Windows 7. This is the first time I've used a Windows system in many years.

Anyway, Google or Bing searches are driving me crazy. Whenever I click on an item I'm taken to some random advertisement instead of the actual URL. In order to get at most URLs I have to load the Google cached page and then click back to the original from the cached page. Its truly annoying. Not every search hit gives me this problem, only about 90%.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

06 July 2011

Policemen are Pigs

What respect I had for policemen has been completely torn down tonight. Although I was only a bystander, I did witness a man being grabbed by the collar and hauled out of the train station. He sole offense:he looked at a policeman wrongly and mumbled something inarticulate at the same time. He didn't even seem drunk and was definitely not causing problems. The policeman accused the man of calling him an “asshole”, as if that was an excuse for manhandling him. Imagine if a civilian manhandled someone like that.