18 August 2009

Playing Tag-Tag

From Sonika. I blew off her last meme, so I can’t delay on this one.

I hope to..
Survive this winter with as few sicknesses as possible with the twins.

I hope not to..
Be an ass to people who report to me.

I want to..
Live every moment of life intensely.

I don’t want to..
Waste an opportunity.

I should have..
Changed instruments as a child (to the bass, I didn’t do it until my mid-30s.)

I shouldn’t have..
Been a frightened little boy with the sophomore hottie who sat in front of me in Civics class.

I could have..
Rocked the world!

I couldn’t have..
Lived a quiet, normal life.

I did..
Too many drugs, or not enough if you prefer.

I did not..
Ever catch an STD. No regrets there!

I wish..
I could spend all day with the twins.

I regret..
Being inconsiderate to a number of people whom I love.

I should..
Rein in my urge for chocolate.

I should not..
Give up.

I could..
Change my little space in the world.

I couldn’t
Have faith in political leaders.

I never thought..
It would end this way.

I always thought..
I’d live a quiet, normal life.

Let’s hear from Tracy.


Tracy said...

Okay. :o)

I hope to...
...live a long life.

I hope not to...
...ever lose my ability to empathize/sympathize.

I want to...
...figure out my life's calling someday.

I don’t want to...
...work anymore.

I should have...
...gone to college.

I shouldn’t have...
...taken sex so lightly when I was younger.

I could have...
...been a contender (sorry, I couldn't think of anything and this kept coming back to me).

I couldn’t have...

I did...
...gain weight after 25 just like everyone said I would.

I did not..
...picture myself getting married and settling down.

I wish...
...we could have children.

I regret...
...to whom I lost my virginity.

I should...
...go mow the lawn before it gets dark.

I should not...
...take anything for granted.

I could...
...spit nails sometimes over the Republicans' antics.

I couldn’t...
...hurt a person or an animal unless it was necessary for someone's safety.

I never thought...
...I'd marry Toast.

I always thought...
...I'd have a cat.

Eric Wilde said...

Well said. May you live a long and lovely life. Let me know if you ever figure out your life's calling. I've never figured out mine either and I'd really like to know how to do it.