20 August 2011


Finally! We found a vehicle that they can operate. After tricycles and scooters never really worked out for the girls, I was doubtful when they showed an interest in bicycles. Low and behold! The bike they can do. And they learned within a week of each other. Alisa mastered the art of pedaling first.

Now they want to ride their bikes down to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning. That's probably too much. My worry is that Leia is a speed demon but hasn't learned to look where she's going yet.

19 August 2011

Long Day

Just got home from work. Dinner is expired salami. Its only 2 weeks out of date, so I should be fine.

15 August 2011

Let's See If This Thing Works

Americans Elect is an attempt to change the primary process. It has the promise of changing the way we vote for our political leaders. Only thing is, thus far the user statistics are showing the American people are more left of center than most media states.

I do, however, fear that the organization putting this project together will screw it up. My sneaky suspicion is that Americans Elect users will vote for someone far left of center, such as the Socialist party or the like, and then the backers of americanselect.org will get cold feet and pull out of the election or change their policy. Either that or, perhaps, one of the existing political parties will flood the user base.

Let's just see what happens. Go register and at least give it a try.