14 April 2011

Overheard at Uchi no Wilde

Ah, humans have their insightful moments. Yes? This is what my buddy, Toast, points out so sublimely.

Today while at the dinner table I was trying to teach the girls their letters. I showed them a big pink colored H and E and explained how the letter started Hirono's and my names.

Me: "What letter is this? What does 'Eric' start with?"
Leia: "E"
Me: "Great! Eraii! What letter does 'Leia' start with?"
Leia: "Boat!"

04 April 2011

Growing Up So Fast

I ran across a toddler's toy store recently named "Gone With The Wind". It seems so appropriate. The girls have grown up so fast. Here's Leia receiving her yellow belt in karate with the grace and poise of an adult.

IMG_1079Achieving Yellow Belt