22 August 2007

The Only God is Fear

The heart of wisdom is a never ending thirst for the truth, with a little ‘t’. The deepest truth is not dark or bleak in any way. We are frail. We are mortal. We have love and hate and fear inside of us. Fear of this truth leads to ignorance, greed and sloth – and is what drives the great theist religions of this world.

19 August 2007

The Nation-State as Anachronism

Hirono and I went to see Rage Against the Machine tonight. Great show.

Actually, it was called “Rock the Bells” and featured other big names like Wu-Tang Clan, Cyprus Hill, and Public Enemy. It was held in a parking lot in the SOMA district of San Francisco. What a difference from the Poison/Ratt show last weekend.

Whereas the Poison and Ratt show was held out in farmland and very violent, the show tonight was a big mother of a festival and was incredibly peaceful. 50,000 people (sold out!) No seats. Just a stage and a parking lot and some screens for the people further back. The music tonight was much more violent, or at least thats the appearance. The atmosphere of the show was tremendously peaceful, though. The freaks were out in force. Pipes were being passed around, as were joints. It was like day and night compared to the show last weekend. Even the exit was orderly and respectful, without any problem traffic.

It is encouraging to note that the show with 25 times more people was the more peaceful one. There is hope for humanity.

Legalize it!


11 August 2007

You can’t take the country out of the boy

Last night Hirono and I went down to Salinas with a former high school band-mate of hers from Tokyo. We saw the Poison/Ratt show. For people not familiar with the area, Salinas is a very rough town down near Hollister. Its out in farmland and there’s nothing to do there except party. The venue was the local rodeo grounds and the crowd was rowdy redneck through and through. It was just like going to a show in the area where I grew up in Central Florida.

One thing about partying with rowdy rednecks is that you have to expect a fight. Many people come just looking to start a fight. It seems to be a part of the breed. It becomes a problem for me when I’m in amongst it. My own adrenaline starts rushing. I get caught up in the excitement and the show. The violence spills over into me and my inner redneck comes out. Some of the frat brothers called me “backward ass country fuck” as a freshman in college for a reason.

I’m not sure what it was that finally got me into the fray. It might be my farmland upbringing. It my be the fact that one of the ladies I was with was small and frail and asked me to keep her safe when it started to get rough. It might be the raging hormones from being on the induction period of my diet last week. Maybe I just enjoy a bit of the ultra-violent. But next thing you know I find myself in a couple of tussles.

I learned something about myself from it. When provoked enough, and given something that I feel strongly about protecting, I could kill someone. It didn’t happen last night, even when physically confronting the ass who decided to crowd surf with boots and spurs on. But I could kill.

And when thinking of current events, there may be some things worth fighting for.

07 August 2007

That Task is Off My Plate


There’s a byline in the rules that must be added. Then I’ll play the game. I’m a mutant to the meme. Usually a dead end and I don’t reproduce often.

1. I follow a strict diet. Early on I was preachy about it; but, that wore down quickly. Now I’m just living it day to day. It works really well for me (health, energy and physique.)

2. I was in one theater show in high school. It was a truly humiliating experience at the time. Now I think its hilarious. I was in Lil Abner as a “before (scrawny)”. There was a big slide shot without my shirt on. The thing was, I was on a rather hot date that Saturday night before and had hickeys – all over my body. They showed up really well on the slide shot.

3. I will never regret my first marriage. And I’m happier now.

4. I do have a tendency to ‘over-consume’ and have to keep myself in check on many days.

5. I can remember my early childhood fairly well. There are a number things I can recall from when I was two, three, four years old. The world still seems kinda fucked up to me.

6. For about ten years of my life I was blissfully unaware of politics, world events or sports. Then Toast came to visit and was shocked that I didn’t know who Shaquille O’Neal was as we passed by a store that had one of his shoes I the window. It was a big mother of a shoe – shocked me out of my complacency on many levels.

7. My toes make cheese. Alien cheese.

8. I’m a serious metal head. I love to wear leather and my hair long and just generally have a blast. I’m going to see Ratt and Poison this Friday night out at the fair grounds to a county south of here with a couple of ladies from Tokyo. And I have cookies... :^)


Lets Just Start Writing Code

Management gabs and is directionless for too long. I wanna start doing stuff.

I wonder if we could get a serious workforce strike going?


If direct action has worked in the past, why can't it do so now? Direct action to stop the war is a good start. Think big. Think a decade in time span. How about direct action to down-fund the military industrial complex? That would hit both parties pretty hard. And we could learn from stopping the war now.

How do we do it? Anybody up for a brainstorm?


05 August 2007

Another Entry

Who would have ever thought I'd get to a second blog entry. Its probably only because I was here to link to the first entry on Toast's refridgerator thread.

Anyway, I just have to speak my mind. As far as Democrats and Republicans are concerned, both sides are not the same. The Dems aren't as beligerent, pig headed and downright evil as Republicans. However, the Dems are weak willed and unprincipled. They're both in the pocket of corporate interests. I'll vote Dem when I have to kick out the Rep; but, given any reasonable choice outside of the Dems I'll do that instead. What those 'tards just did with FISA is the last straw. Goodbye Dems.

Oh yeah, and no more donations to Dems. Forget it. You gotta earn my money just like I do.

04 August 2007

Hi, here's my fridge

A long time friend of mine, Toast, asserts that you gaze into the soul of another when you stare at their fridge magnet farm. So I'll inaugurate this blog by baring my soul for all to see.