31 October 2010


The girls like to be read stories, of course. They also enjoy me making stories up. Last night Alisa made up a story to tell me. This is it, pretty close to verbatim:

Once up a time there were three bunnies
They jumped around
And then they went to bed.
Night. Night.

25 October 2010


I get so disgusted with our weak, unprincipled leadership. Another Wikileaks bomb came out that confirms the extent to which Bush & Co. lied and manipulated their way through myriad war crimes. I'll not be satisfied until that immoral lot are behind bars. Obama refuses to prosecute and so should land in jail himself.

The American people are no better. People are willing to suffer such evil, or even support it in the case of conservatives.

13 October 2010

This Rocks

h/t Pharyngula

Here's a very inspirational video of a science project. I'm hoping the girls are interested in similar ideas. I'd love to engineer such science projects with them.

04 October 2010


I'm on my third day without coffee. Of course, every day has at least four temper tantrums in it. This morning's meltdown was a doozy.

01 October 2010

Half-Chewed Food

Why is it that almost every little kid likes to come up to you and show you their mouthful of half-chewed food? This morning was peanut butter sandwiches. Not nice.