29 May 2009

Making Baby Food

Here's a brief window on how we make food for the girls.

Last weekend I made some soup and some veggies that were both shared with the girls. In both cases, the dishes were primarily for Hirono and me; but, they were also edible for the girls.

First some sauteed tomyo, pea greens. The first picture is the raw vegetable after being washed. Saute in a tablespoon of hot oil. A dash of salt and splash of rice wine. Make sure the boil the rice wine away. Total time in the pan was about 150-180 seconds. The second picture is the veggie has Hirono and I eat it. Put a handful in a mortar and grind with a pestle. For dry veggies it may be necessary to add a bit of water. Tomyo are wet enough to not need any water most times. The third picture is the finished product.

Raw tomyo.
Cooked tomyo.
In the mortar.
Second, beef and onion broth. Boil beef bones with a dash (very little, actually) of salt and a splash of sherry or marsala. After the beef broth is nearly done add a pile of quartered onions. I used four, 3cm thick slices of shin bone. So the boiling time was about 90 minutes and then I added four onions, quartered. After adding the onions, continue to stew for about 45 minutes or until the onions fall apart. The picture shows this stage. Remove the bones and cool the broth. After cool, grind the onions in a mortar and pestle. Add the onions back to the broth and bring to rolling boil. Let cool and serve. For Hirono and I we added pork meatballs and salt to taste. The girls were fed as is. We also can use this as a broth to flavor rice or other baby food.

Beef bone broth.

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