05 June 2009

Babydom is Officially Over

The girls turned 1 year old on Wednesday. They are now officially toddlers. I've not had the chance to blog about it yet due to just being swamped with many things.

They were both uncomfortable on their birthday. Leia has had a fever since Tuesday and is just grouchy all day long. Alisa had live vaccinations and so was also a bit uncomfortable, but not too bad. Not to worry, Hirono and I still had a piece of birthday cake each for them.

Their haul included: a toy car walker for Leia, a toy stroller walker for Alisa, a pair of professional-grade shakers (latin percussion) and tamborine for both of them, a set of Miffy hiragana wooden blocks for both of them and a pile of clothes for both of them. Not bad for a first birthday!

Updated: There are some pictures up now.


Toast said...

Wait, so the Baby/Toddler divide is strictly an age thing? I always thought it was developmental, and that "Toddler" was when they started walking (hence the word, which I always imagined meant to walk in an unstable fashion).

Eric Wilde said...

They're toddling already, too.

Toast said...

I might be toddling before the night's over. ;-)