15 May 2009

Easier Feeding

The girls' diet has changed a lot over the last week or so. As they near their first birthday their doctor's advice is to branch out into different foods more. Last week they started eating Cheerios. This week was yogurt, scrambled eggs, stewed pork, and celery.

Probably the biggest surprise for me was the fact that they really like natto, a stinky food traditionally eaten by those who couldn't afford meat or fish. They've loved tofu for many months. Both of them can cram down a huge volume of tofu at one sitting. But this week we tried the "learned taste" of natto. They took to it right away. I have trouble eating the stuff myself, which is saying a lot; but, they both really liked it from the beginning.

The only thing I've seen them not like is: Leia doesn't like bananas and Alisa isn't fond of stewed lentils.

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