03 May 2009

Home Stretch

The girls are 11 months old today. I feel like we're in the home stretch. Alisa has now slept through the night for three nights in a row! My work schedule still robs me of enough sleep; but, its definitely getting better. Leia's sleep patterns are better, too; but, she caught a cold from Alisa last week. Although Alisa is pretty much through it, Leia is still in the early phases and will feel worse tomorrow.

I was worried about swine flu since Alisa's symptoms were clearly flu-like. She ended up having an ear infection. Leia will probably be the same; but, we need to be careful. We'll likely take her to the doctor if it gets worse at all just in case. There have been a handful of cases of swine flue in the area already (including three kindergarten and pre-school age children.) With about half of the workers at day care being Mexican, I'm sure they have friends or family who have recently visited Mexico.


The VMH said...

The Home Stretch? You are still on the hook for at least another 17 years!

Eric Wilde said...

True; but, there is no sleep during infancy. Its the sleep deprivation that is the worst.