25 May 2009

Carb Addict

I have to admit, this has been the most fun memorial day I've ever had. The girls are really starting to grow up and be more interactive. Leia's a little monkey climbing all over everything and even trying to run now. Leia is getting a lot more attention because she's now in a lot more trouble. Alisa is inspired by the attention Leia receives and is now pulling herself up by herself as well as taking honest-to-goodness, tentative steps.

We spent some time outside in the garden looking at grapes and flowers and lady bugs. We have a native garden that attracts lots of bugs, which is beginning to attract the birds. Also, wildflowers are all over our lot (no grass!) Its really pretty. The girls loved touching the flowers and watching the bugs.

Corn on the cob was a mystery to them at first. They didn't know what to make of it while watching me shuck. After cooking, as I dug in with gusto, they quickly knew the score and were both clamoring for a taste. Leia's reaction was only lukewarm. But with one taste Alisa understood the soulful pleasure that is corn on the cob. Then again, Alisa is a carb addict...

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Tracy said...

What a lovely life - your garden sounds beautiful and introducing new things to your curious and eager girls sounds heavenly.