09 May 2009

Heart Attack Over

OK, I finally got all the data for my W-2 and 1099-B straightened out. Earlier I mentioned that my tax information was way off. That was obvious because the amount the tax forms claimed I owed was way over the total amount of money I earned. It turns out that altogether my W-2 and 1099-B's listed income more than double what I actually made. In addition, about 60% of my withheld taxes were not counted. Put that together and you can see why I freaked out when I first did my taxes.

Anyway, the error is clarified. Now its just a matter of getting all the paperwork done. The problem is, I must get it all finished by the end of May because otherwise I'll not be able to pay my life insurance premium this summer. Let's hope the IRS moves quickly enough here.

In the meantime, the economic turmoil this has caused my bank accounts has resulted in four bounced checks and a missed mortgage payment. Thank you IRS!

Updated: fixed a couple of typos.

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