13 April 2009

Fruitless Day

My wife and I both have this week off from work. Adobe is shutdown in the US and nobody is available at the office. So I decided to do the taxes today. They're due Wednesday - not much time to spare. Knowing this shut down was coming up I put off doing the taxes until this week.

Well, started to do taxes today and Turbo Tax barfs on me. It crashes my system twice. Finally got it working and started importing data. Lo and Behold! Turbo Tax claims I owe US$300,000 in taxes this year beyond what I've already paid throughout the year!!! Holy crap, I can't afford that kind of money. Its gotta be wrong.

A little sleuthing and it turns out my employer's W-2 form is off by a very large amount both on the amounts received and the amount of taxes already paid throughout the year. But; the offices are closed and I can't get hold of anybody to get the correct numbers. So now I can't file taxes until next week, have to guess at an amount now and will likely have late penalties.

Gar! What a wasted day off.

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