30 January 2009

Work Update

So I went in to work yesterday for most of the day and met with folks. The goal was to drop in on people to get status plus start to evangelize the ideas around TOC mentioned earlier on this blog. The teams are moving quite nicely without me (yay!) and I've now got a 2 hour presentation scheduled at a senior management offsite at the end of February. Time to get cracking on some slides. The best thing is that all the managers on my staff grok TOC pretty intuitively. One manager immediately bought the book and already finished it (and has ideas on where to go with it), which is sweet!

The other thing going on around work is that this vacation made me realize how valuable the time with the girls really is. I no longer want a job that takes so much time from me. It really is time to think seriously about public service. I've got 3-5 years left at the present job to finish this TOC idea. That gives me enough space to figure out how to work in public service. I've always liked teaching, maybe I should go into community college teaching. What would that take?

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