13 January 2009

Cravings Are Done

I'm on day 6 of the NHE induction period. Nearly there. The cravings have stopped entirely. From here on its smooth sailing, so long as I never go hungry. The trick is to always have food with you... Always.


The Other Susan said...

What is the NHE diet?

I'd google it, but I'd prefer your explanation, if you have time.

Eric Wilde said...

Basically its a diet to control your hormones so that your body handles the nutrients you eat in the way you want. It turns out to be low carb, high fiber, moderate protein and moderate fat (mostly saturated.) Its spread out through 4-5 meals every day. The first ten days are more severely limited with carbs to break the carb addiction.

Eric Wilde said...

Here's a link if you want it.


There is a book and a program. I just use the book (and started about ten years ago, so I'm a bit out of date.) The program looks like a scam to raise money to me; but, if that's what works for you.

One thing I like about NHE is I can eat anything I want at any quantities I want, so long as I time things correctly. Its a diet I can happily live with for the rest of my life.