16 January 2009

Carb Load Planning

I bought a magnum of Anchor Steam to celebrate making it to my first carb load. After that starts my first time to the gym as well. I'm trying to go full-bore NHE, including two heavy weight days. That should mean walking the girls to day care and about 1.5 hours in the gym a week. I think I can handle that even after I get back to work.

The first day I can carb load is Saturday; but, I'll postpone until Sunday so that I can carb load with my family. We're all gathering at my brother's house on Sunday to celebrate my nephew's birthday.

Depending on how the day goes, I'll try a new pasta sauce that night. I've got a Cointreau-citris sauce brewing in me that I'm dying to try. If we come home early enough from the birthday gathering then I'll cook that. If we stay there until too late then I'll just cook it on Wednesday, when I can next carb load.

That schedule gives me Monday or Tuesday to make it to the gym. Again, I think I can handle that even after I get back to work. The trick is to keep track of my time carefully at work and really stop at 45 hours. That should allow me to schedule the time I need to eat, go to the gym and take care of the girls.

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