24 January 2009


My laptop died on Monday and I won't get a new one until I return to work in a few weeks. So posting will be extremely light for the next couple of weeks.

Bake-n-Bake episodes are queued up: Cointreau-citrus pork chop with pasta and spicy tequila beef. I'll post them after the new laptop arrives.

Alisa has her fifth and sixth teeth now. Leia is still toothless. Alisa is also "playing" the recorder (she's figured out how to blow on it to make it whistle.) Leia uses her recorder to beat on the bodhran; but, she's really grooving when I play the bass and likes to strum the strings herself.

So far everyone at work agrees with my assessment of the "Bottleneck" for the Theory of Constraints. The question is what to do about it. I'm speaking with my boss this week about it.

Update: It looks like its eight teeth for Alisa. There were two more hiding in the top that have just broken through her gums. So eight teeth and she's not even eight months old.

Also, Carb Night! Pizza, beer, cheese cake, strawberry shortcake, potatoes, rice. Mmmmm.

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