15 January 2009

Good Morning

Last night was Alisa's first night in the nursery. It went really well.

Normally we co-sleep with the girls; but, its about time to think about them sleeping in their own cribs in the nursery. So yesterday I finished getting the nursery in shape and we put Alisa to bed there last night. To make it easier on her I slept on a futon on the floor beside the crib throughout the night. She went down easily at 8pm and slept without feeding or changing until 5am. Awesome!

Just as helpful, when she awoke she was happy just playing with some toys downstairs while I made a bottle, a pot of coffee and breakfast for myself. When both our breakfasts were ready she started complaining about food, so we sat down together and ate. Very pleasant and relaxing for a 5am morning.

Update: Alisa went back down into her crib in the nursery again at 6:30am without a fuss. So I was able to do the dishes and can now prepare for day care without hassle. Sweet!

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