30 July 2009

Odds and Ends

Its been a while since posting an update of life in general. Life really means work and family, there's nothing else right now.

Work goes very well. I presented a three year strategy to the Sr. VP who heads our business unit (think general manager for 1500 people or so) on Monday. It was basically an overview of the strategy for all my projects in the coming three years, including the pet Chocolate Factory project. The presentation went very well. I walked away with approval of the whole shebang. So I'm pretty much set for the coming three years. Its now all a matter of execution. Some interesting shake ups on the team and across the corporation will surface because of it all; but, in the end we're clearly going in the right direction.

The girls grow too fast to describe anymore. They are so aware of the world around them. Alisa practices her vocabulary and phonics constantly, always trying to repeat the words we say. Liea runs down the sidewalk and can walk relatively long distances now. They both try their best to manipulate Hirono and I to get what they want. Right now they seem to be experimenting with different cries to see which one gets us to jump the fastest. Alisa is still interested in books more than anything else (except carbs.)

All in all, domestic bliss continues.


Toast said...

Here's to domestic bliss. :-)

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