10 July 2009

Domestic Bliss

Life still seems to be going by at breakneck speed.

Its quiet at home now, with all three girls sleeping. Hirono will likely get up very shortly. I've cleaned the kitchen and picked up the toys, so most of the chores are done. Tonight we come up with the menu for next week so we can go grocery shopping in morning.

The girls both continue to grow and change every day. It used to be that when we returned home from day care in the evening they wanted to stay inside, eat and go to bed. Whenever we tried to go for a walk they would cry and carry on about half-way through the walk. Now they both are eager to go outside all the time, even as I'm trying to put them to bed at night. On Wednesday Leia wanted to take a walk outside and we ended up walking half a city block down the sidewalk. Alisa is also becoming comfortable with standing and walking, though she still prefers to be carried.

Alisa is really starting to get into animals and cute, furry creatures. She regularly expects to carry two Miffy stuffed bunnies with her wherever she goes. She cannot even contemplate going to sleep at night without both Miffys. She also says "Wan-wan", the Japanese baby-word for a dog, whenever we meet a dog on our walks. Leia's interest in animals or stuffed toys seems much more just a curiosity that quickly wans as she tries to find something more interesting to do.

One furry creature they both seem to like is Totoro. Totoro is probably the most beloved Miyazaki film in Japan. If you haven't seen it, the movie really is a joy for young and old.

Good night, all.

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