19 July 2009

Picky, Picky

I'm on a roll tonight with multiple posts. Maybe I should have just passed a plate of Baked Beans; but, I'm straight and sober right now on account of being sick. A fever and chills in 95'F is not fun.

We've noticed a trend in the girls' eating patterns lately. Alisa is still a carb addict and Leia still often eschews carbs altogether. That's not changed. What has changed is that the girls are becoming very picky. Their pickiness seems to be based on the freshness of the food:

Exhibit A: They both loved strawberries over the last two months. Now that strawberry season is ending and the berries are starting to become watery they just aren't interested.

Exhibit B: Same as A but for blueberries (and only Leia every really liked blueberries.)

Exhibit C: Some stew cooked a little too long ago was served to them for lunch last week. The stew was still fine and wouldn't cause any problems at all; but, the flavor started to fade. One bite each and then they stopped eating it entirely.

Exhibit D: No day old bread. Only the fresh stuff or toast it lightly. Likewise with Cheerios. If they've been out of the tupperware for more than a day or so they won't eat them - preferring to gesture toward the Cheerio tupperware until they get fresh ones.

Exhibit E: When I take the time to cook a special meal on the weekend, usually seafood, they go nuts for it. See the most recent Bake-n-Bake entry.

I can't wait to turn them both into food snobs AND get them interested in cooking. If they complain about my cooking, they know where the stove is.

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