22 July 2009

Sleepy in Seattle

Well, I've finally made it on a business trip again. Its been since last December. I've enjoyed not having to travel for so long; but, my work has suffered.

Seattle is such a beautiful city in the summer. 68', sunny with a mild breeze. The office is right on Lake Union and surrounded by yacht harbors and parks. It makes for a very pretty scene.

The team in Seattle seems to be doing well. They're one of the more advanced teams as far as changing their software process to be fully Agile and follow most of the principles we're trying to follow. It shows. Their work is really high quality. The engineers are relaxed. Nobody has had to work overtime in on this entire project cycle and we're nearing our feature complete milestone in two weeks. Its all on schedule and below budget. Very well done in indeed!

Now I just gotta catch up for being sick the last two days and missing two really critical strategy presentations for the coming two years. Ack!


oddjob said...

OT, but I can't resist sharing:



Eric Wilde said...

Ugh! Poor fellows. Some of them look worse than down and out.