22 February 2009

Time Flies By

The girls grow so fast.

Today we went to my brother's place to celebrate our birthdays. He turned 45 last week and I turn 41 this week. He has two boys. Today his two boys (4 and 8) and their friend (6) took care of the girls while the adults ate lunch. It was really nice to see the boys watch the babies and play with them. Babies aren't so fun to play with as a little boy, so we still had to eat quickly before the boys got bored; but, it was a nice (and rare!) break.

What struck me the most was that the girls really enjoyed playing with their cousins. They smiled and laughed at the boys' antics, very much like one would expect of gown kids. The girls seemed like they were four or five years old, they way they tried to interact with the boys. In some ways I feel as though they're no longer babies. Its liberating; but, a bit sad at the same time.

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