26 February 2009

Every Time a Cold is Gone

Every time the girls shake off a cold they change as if they've grown overnight. Today both girls are feeling better after a bout with stuffed sinuses.

After daycare things got rough for them. My Uncle Mike is in town. He dropped by my office to see us and come home with us for a little bit. At first it was just Mike and me. We picked up the girls from daycare on the way home. That's when the fun began. Mike had to help by carrying Alisa back to the car. That's when it became clear that the girls' stranger anxiety is now in full force.

They cried and cried and cried. Even though I was carrying Leia, by the time we got the girls in the house even Leia could hardly breathe because of crying so hard. Poor girls, the both had trouble settling down. Mike just sat away in the corner as unobtrusively as possible while the girls kept crying. Eventually they calmed down enough for us to put them in warm clothes and go out for a walk.

The walk settled them down a bit and we made it home without mishap. Hirono joined us from the train station on the way home. Afterwards, when it was just the four of us at home, the girls couldn't settle down. They also had a number of firsts. What stood out the most was that their personality seemed to grow one layer deeper. They interact with the world in a different way. For example, whereas before it was relatively easy to distract Leia while cleaning her ears tonight she wouldn't let her eyes off my wife's hand as she tried to clean her. And Leia wouldn't let Hirono near the ear. For Alisa, she started to sing with me when I was singing her to sleep tonight. Of course, Alisa wouldn't go to sleep.

They also are beginning to insist on particular ways to play with them. Their favorite trick right now is to shimmy up against me on the floor (they can't crawl yet) and then start to roll all over my lap. The try to roll into a position where I can pick them up by their feet into the air to hang upside down. Then they smile and laugh while their bib flips down over their face. Crazy girls.

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