08 February 2009

Scotch Blogging: Bruichladdich Sassicaia 14 year

This is a truly wonderful scotch. The balance, the smoothness and the aroma are a knock-out. There is not a trace of harshness to this whiskey.

The smell has a strong peaty undertone; but, its not overdone like Laphroig. Its a very clean smell, crisp and inviting. There's nothing overpowering about it.

The flavor has just a hint of oak and that peatiness really livens up on the first exhalation. There's no fruitiness to the flavor that I can discern. It reminds me very much of armagnac. The taste could be more complex; but, I did get one of the younger Bruichladdichs.

The body is creamy, a little on the light side. The aftertaste, like the entire experience, is very mellow.

We've got a top shelf scotch here. I definitely need to try something a little more complex from this distillery. Its quickly shot up to the top of my to-buy list. I've got another scotch lined up in the liquor cabinet first; but, after that its definitely going to be an older Bruichladdich.

Again, if the flavor were more complex this would get a 5. Instead, it will have to settle for a 4.5.


Toast said...

its not overdone like Laphroig

Laphroaig is perfectly done. ;-)

Eric Wilde said...

After trying this Isley, Laphroig is overdone.