29 October 2008

Why can't people understand basic facts?

Commit this chart to memory.

And the girls were really tough tonight to put down. They had a really hard day and were quite tired by around 7pm. Of course, being young children, they don't sleep when they get tired. Instead, they cry and refuse to go to sleep. This was their first day at day care, though it was only two hours and Hirono was with them the whole time. Then a long walk with me and my parents. Dinner out at a restaurant. And four hours of Hirono being away to get her hair and some shopping done. So they both cried for about two hours straight. Then, as one started to fall asleep the other would cry loudly enough to wake her up. So the crying lingered on for another hour after Hirono got home.

Add this on top of the suckitude at work and I'm emotionally drained. A walking zombie. I can't wait to get to Las Vegas this Friday to party with the brothers.


Toast said...

Hear hear! What time are you getting in?

Eric Wilde said...

I should be at the Flamingo by 1:30pm or so on Friday.