17 October 2008


Its 1am. I've not had much more than 6 hours of sleep on any given night in months, usually broken up three or four times with a baby waking up to eat. By all accounts I should be absolutely exhausted, and I am. But I cannot sleep tonight.

So instead, I'll give you an update on the world according to Wilde.

Work has been a long, hard slog for some time. In June of 2007 I inherited this $2 billion project, little budget, two top-notch engineers and the mandate to get it done. This Wednesday we hit the street. So its been 16 months. There are approximately 45 people on the teams I'm leading, the majority of which are 12-15 hours time shifted. Five kick-ass managers across the geos (some with good sub-managers under them.) Operationally the project is better shape than it has been in its history (we shipped version 4), with clear direction for the project in its next version prior to actually shipping this version. So work is going well, even though I am stretched to the limit of my capacity given the amount of sleep I'm getting.

Hirono and I have two beautiful, healthy daughters. That's more than I dreamed to ask. We feel so incredibly fortunate. Leia is stubborn, reserved, watchful, loves music and very dextrous with her hands. Alisa is a charmer, with a ready smile and easy going manner. They are both a sight to behold.

So the world is going well here. I don't know what tragedy may befall us in the future; but, for now, I am probably the most satisfied I've ever been in my whole life.

May you and yours find happiness as well.

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