02 October 2008

Fierce Rage and Pain

I have friends who feel pain and anger at Biden tonight for the Senator’s view against gay marriage. And I do try to understand. I have my own pain. I’ve felt the pain of outright love and rejection of it. The only thing helpful I can say is to vote on election day.

Today, though, the debate doesn’t seem as important.

I feel tremendous outrage against the bank bailout. We are all giving money to the rich so that they can be richer and screw the rest of us. This is getting worse and worse as the decades roll by. This is my daughters’ livelihood and well being they are stealing. And the outrage comes from a new pain to me. Its something that I haven’t quite felt before. The anger is fierce. But thinking about the pain behind the anger helps me think much more rationally. What really are the long term trends and what can we do to fight American fascism.

Update: OK, get this. Congressman Honda is quite difficult to get hold of in a most common manner for his constituents. And he's supporting the Bailout Bill.

He're we are in the beating heart of Silicon Valley. On a good day I send 150 substantive email messages. Yesterday I went to Mike Honda's website and tried to send an email. Seems I needed my 9 digit zipcode. Barrier 1. I have some more time tonight so I try again. Get and enetr the 9 digit zipcode. Java error. Barrier 2. Go to his "blog", the one with zero comments (ahem!) The link for "Read More/Leave Comments" is broken. Barrier 3. Not all blog posts even leave an opportunity to leave comments. Barrier 4. Find one, leave a comment. The comment will appear after it has been approved by the moderator. Barrier 5.

Congressman, you're rapidly losing my vote. You've already lost a chance at my donation. Its so easy to read your opinions. Why aren't you helping us to give you our opinions?



Toast said...

We are all giving money to the rich so that they can be richer and screw the rest of us.

Dude, you are being aggressively simplistic about this. It's very disheartening.

Eric Wilde said...

I'm afraid there are some aspects to this that are simple.

The Other Susan said...

Maybe it is simplistic, but I agree.

Money is being taken from taxpayers and given to corporations? Wall Street? Financial institutions? I don't even know--but there is no guarantee it will EVER get paid back, and the people who got us and themselves into this mess A) have lots of money and B) have been benefitting from all the deregulation right up until it came back to bite them in the ass.

That's bullshit. Suck it up, rich people!

paul nader vets united said...

Barack John
Left and rights of passage
Black and whites of youth
Who can face the knowledge
that the truth is not the truth?
Obsolete Absolute

Ron Ralph
Cruising under your radar
Watching from the satellites
Take a page from the red book
and keep them in your sights
Red alert Red alert