17 October 2008

Another Sign of Sanity in the World

Here's another positive sign of people actually trying to understand the rules of the game instead of blindly excepting free markets.

It seems like my friend Toast has had enough of me rattling on about the economy and the stupid bailout package of the last few weeks. Who knows, maybe he's right and the $700 billion was needed or things would get much worse. I've not seen any talk about measuring how to know whether or not it is working. We're in for a shit storm economy anyway. And those people who have already lost their jobs aren't in for a soft landing whether or not this $700 billion makes a positive difference.

At least the things that really are going to make a difference, like changing laws and enforcing regulations, are being discussed openly again.

1 comment:

Toast said...

We're in for a shit storm economy anyway.

On that much we're in agreement. The question is whether it will be a a mere tropical recession or a full-blown Category 5 shit hurricane.