10 October 2008

Step Down

McCain, step down. It's only hate that is driving votes for you now. Salvage your honor and step down.

Update: Something about the booing McCain got made me want to check out Freeperville. I won't link to it. They don't deserve the advertisement. They want to see blood. You betcha! So I felt some pity for the man and sent his campaign this email:

Senator McCain,

Please salvage your honor and step down from the race for the presidency. If only hate can propel your voters is it worth winning? Please think of your country first.

--Eric Wilde

Something tells me it will go unanswered.



Toast said...

They want to see blood.

I'm not going to go read anything over there. It will just get me worked up. I will say this, though: When I read about the "rage" and "bloodlust" of these winger clowns, I am filled with an aching desire to respond in kind. I have no desire to argue with these people; I just want to beat them to a bloody pulp.

Eric Wilde said...

I usually just find them sad and leave disappointed as well.