25 October 2008

What Is It With Fridays?

Here we are, another Friday night and again I can't sleep. This time its that I can't stop my mind from thinking about work. The fallout of the economic train wreck is causing all sorts of political battles while people try to hang on to their teams. Turf wars are ugly and counter-productive; but, nobody wants to have to lay off their team. Luckily my team will pull through this round of bloodletting with more people than when we started. That doesn't mean we won't let a little blood. Its the worst thing about my job and I loose a lot a sleep over it.

Then I've got this battle going with the business unit architect. This is like, the architect for all suite products and quite the brainiac; but, he's wrong. We're starting up a new effort that's projected to get us $500M in the next three years. Thats a 12.5% increase in our revenue stream, so its nothing to sneeze at. The kicker is that the entire $4B revenue stream depends upon its success. If we screw up its big time failure. Well, he's not taking the risks into account and trying to be hasty on the design side. We've been designing this project for about 3 weeks. Given that its an 18 month project, we should be spending about 4-6 months on the design; but, he's trying to get started in writing code now. Sure, we've got a lot of work to do; but, skimping in the design phase ends up making more work overall. Its going to be a wild ride for the next 2 years.

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