05 July 2010

Fun and Games

We spent July 4th at a friends house. They had a rather large party and a couple of young girls were present. Leia and Alisa had a grand time following these older girls (5 and 7) around the yard. I really enjoyed watching them play games like "Ring Around the Rosies" and rolling down the grass and jumping over each other in an impromptu steeple chase.

There were also three dogs at the party. Leia wanted to pet them but was scared of them. When she came home she would say each of the dogs' names and pretend to pet them. Her imagination is evidently very vivid because she seemed to really believe she was petting the dogs. She let her sister pet the dogs, too. Then when an adult came to pet the dogs she would cry out "No!" and not let us near her imaginary dog.

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