17 July 2010

Copy Cats

As with all children, the girls often try to copy us exactly. They're in that awkward age when they try to do everything themselves but usually cannot actually accomplish whatever task they're trying to do. After practice and multiple failed attempts, they sometimes succeed. Yesterday there were two good examples of the girls succeeded after lots of tries:

We were going to go out for a walk but had to get ready first. Hirono and I were rushing around filling sippy cups, collecting snacks, getting the diaper bag ready, etc. Alisa became impatient. I asked her to wait a bit more. She said "OK" and walked off toward the front door. Two minutes later we hear "Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy!" She was standing beside the front door with her shoes on. She had put them on herself, correctly. Even the velcro straps were in the right place.

Leia is fascinated with the shower, though often afraid of it. We returned home from our walk very late last night (Leia threw a tantrum on the walk home which delayed us by about 45 minutes.) By the time we reached home is was time for the girls to go to bed; but, they still needed a bath. Leia decided she wanted a shower instead. She boldly got into the shower and stood ready to be washed. She even held the shower head most of the time so that I could wash her down. When it came time to wash her hair she readily tilted her head way back and let me rinse off the shampoo without getting any in her eyes. If she takes a shower regularly that will cut the bathing time down from about 30 minutes to about 5. Nice!

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