30 July 2010

Brave New Metro

The Metro opened in Sector 18 Noida since the last time I was here. I love taking local transit whenever travelling. So when I go shopping tomorrow with a colleague I'm going to take the metro down to India Gate to meet her. For 19 rupees instead of probably closer to 1000 rupees for the hotel car to take me, I can mingle with the people and explore the central downtown area. This is going to be fun.

Updated: The New Delhi Metro was clean, well running and easily navigated. So different than the city streets. Now if only it was far more ubiquitous. The Metro continues to expand; but, even the tracks that are planned are not enough to dramatically improve the street traffic.

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Tracy said...

That's awesome! That's definitely something that I would do. I like to really experience places when I travel. Doing laundry abroad is one of my favorite things - it's always very interesting.