26 July 2010

Back in India

I'm in Noida again, just got to the hotel room about an hour and half ago. The flight was both good and bad.

The good was that I upgraded to business class. So I got a lot better sleep without the soreness of sleeping in coach. Right now I feel totally rested and caught up on my sleep. This is rare thing when young children live at home and work hours take their toll. Unfortunately it also means I'll be up all night and have a heck of a time at the office tomorrow.

The bad news was that it took two days to get here. I had a small plane ride from San Jose to LA. In LA my connection was 2 hours delayed, so I arrived in Chicago too late to catch the flight to Dehli. The airlines put me up in a hotel about 45 minutes out of Chicago. There was nothing - literally - around the hotel. I couldn't even walk to a Starbucks! So I was stuck at the hotel until the next evening when I could catch a plane to New Dehli.

Not surprisingly, I miss my family something fierce.

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