31 July 2010

Chipa Chipa

Apparently this means "sticky" in Hindi slang. It perfectly describes the weather outside.

I took the afternoon and evening off yesterday to enjoy New Delhi with a friend and colleague.

My good friend, Toast, would absolutely hate being in New Delhi this time of year. Yesterday it was hot (~100F) and muggy. The rain came down in tiny droplets all day; not enough to really make you wet but enough to show that the humidity was up there around 100%. It made even strolling slowly through ancient Mughal mosques and tombs a sweaty, sticky enterprise. I'm usually quite tolerant of humid heat, having grown up in South Florida. Yesterday even made me uncomfortable.

There was a moment of respite at the Lotus Temple. We reached the terrace at the temple just after sundown and were greeted by a cool and comfortable breeze. It was needed after the sweltering day. Unfortunately the inside of the temple was still and hot. I wish they had opened all the glass doors around the temple to let nature and wind through. Still, the architecture was impressive. Outside and from afar the petals of the lotus give an expectant feel as though they might open at any moment. Inside the temple is purest white and marble all about. There is a golden sunburst at the peak of the temple with stone lines reaching all the way down to broad arches circling the congregation. The lines give a sense of radiant godhood shining down on the worshipper while at the same time uplifting the heart. While your spirit reaches up for the divine the heavy marble arches keep your body firmly grounded. Its very peaceful and uplifting. Even the podium is made of transparent polyurethane so as to not mar the overpowering sense of purity within the temple.

Too bad the teachings of Baha'i are a load of bunk.

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Toast said...

Yeah, man, everything I've read and seen about India suggests that it's hot, muggy, dirty and crowded. I'm sure it has its charms, but I'm not anxious to visit.