21 December 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Many events and new learnings with the girls have come and gone. Its too hard to keep up any more. They really are like little people who just have a lot to learn. Such as last night, when I showed them how to hold a spoon they all of a sudden starting eat much more neatly than before. There is one story from this morning, however, that I thought fun. It illuminates the love and hate that exists between siblings.

After breakfast this morning the girls were still a bit hungry. We keep a bottom drawer in the kitchen unlocked and stuffed full of snacks for the girls. They regularly raid this drawer looking for goodies. Today, Alisa scored a box of animal crackers. She brought it over to me and asked me to open it (her request was to hold up the box and say "Me.") Inside there is another packet sealing in the cookies. After I popped open the box I handed her the packet to let her play with it a little bit before eating. Leia jumped to hand and grabbed the other side of the packet. A tug of war ensued where both girls were literally leaning way back, pulling frantically at the packet of animal crackers while eyeing the other with fierce jealousy. When I tried to take the packet to stop the fight they wouldn't give up and both started tugging against me.

I finally got the packet open and they each had two crackers. Their favorite pet is a kitty and, as luck would have it, they both got a kitty for their second cracker. Leia, however, had tired of the animal crackers by then (she's not much into carbs) and dropped her kitty on the floor. Alisa became concerned, picked up the cracker and gave it back to Leia - evidently thinking Leia had accidentally dropped the kitty cracker. Leia looked the cracker over, decided again she didn't want it, and gave it back to Alisa. This time Alisa gratefully took the cracker, smiled and said "Nya Nya" (the Japanese children's word for kitty) and ate the cracker.

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