14 December 2009

Baked Beans: Twitter Edition

Life is more than hectic right now and will be until mid-April. So here's a bunch of one-liner status messages.

- Alisa had her first three word sentence today. Hirono took her dirty diaper flushed the contents away. She responded by saying "Poopoo go away."

- I still think there may be criminal activity with individuals in the 2008 financial bailout; but, to suggest there is a conspiracy is going too far. Obama may be tragically misguided but I don't think he or most of his cabinet are actual evil like the last batch of goons in the White House.

- Work is nuts. Focal review period, still dealing with layoff ramifications, getting close to ship, lining up the next projects, fighting for funding, trying to make the teams take another step toward process perfection, planning the holiday parties and getting ready for a 2 week vacation all at the same time.

- Hirono and I are starting to have a real life again. We can spend up to ten minutes communicating at one time while the girls play together. There are now moments when its easier that the girls are twins because they can play with each other.

- Alisa likes to always play with another person. Leia likes to play alone half the time. That leads to trouble sometimes and entertaining chase scenes as two diaper clad wee ones go careening around the house in a badly balanced game of tag.

- Music! We can listen to music again. I even got in a real practice session on the alto recorder yesterday for the first time in over a year. I learn once more that playing music and playing D&D are the only things that unfailingly keep me away from weed.

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