19 December 2009

Back to the Front!

Its been a really f'ng hard week. As I write this, at 6:30am on a Saturday morning, my hangover is just starting to kick in. God I hate booze. Give me weed any day of the week. An old colleague from Pune, India dropped by on Friday and we went out for drinks. Among many other things, we discussed the brutal nature of off-shoring jobs and emotional nature of our own roles. It got me to drinking way too heavily.

To give you some sense of what its like, my team has lost 30% of its individual contributors over the last year. A similar percentage of managers have become individual contributors. Every step I personally make has an effect on whether or not one of my friends & colleagues has a job next year. And still our jobs relentlessly disappear. The pressure is intense. After I came home last night I just sat on the kitchen floor and broke down.

Now at last I feel a little better. The tears are gone and, once this headache is gone and Sunday rolls around, its back to the front. Although next week is holiday, there really is no chance to stop working anymore. Holidays and days off are used to prepare for another battle in trying to keep jobs here in the US.


big bad wolf said...

hang in there, eric. keep fighting, and good luck.

Tracy said...

Wow. Fight the good fight, but don't feel as if everything is on your shoulders.